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Coco Coir.... Hydroponics...... Bedding.... Absorbent...

The Ultimate Coco Depot

Save Environment & Stay Healthy

Our Products

Our Products

GAPS Coco Grow Bag

$12.96 $18.96

 About coir:

• 100% natural by-product of coconut

• Alternate to peat moss

• Superior water holding capacity

• Excellent air space and high nutrients

• Resistant to diseases, pathogens and weeds

• Stronger and elaborate root systems


• Organic

• No chemicals

• Environmental safe

• Biodegradable

• Easy to use


• Soil amendments and conditioner

• Hydroponics

• Green houses

• Garden and lawn

Product Specifications:

Weight: 3.3 lbs

Electrical conductivity (EC): Below 0.5 mS/cm

pH: 5.5-6.5

Moisture content: >20%

Fiber content: >10%

How to use it:

Make a hole on the coco grow bag as desired and add water.

After coco bag absorbed the water, the coco peat is ready to use.




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Return Policies

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. A full refund will be issued for items returned unopened and not damaged (less the shipping cost). Returns must include all original materials and be in good condition for resell. Please include a copy of your invoice with the returned package.

Exchanges will be honored for items received defective or malfunctioning. Prior to returning a product, you must call GAPS EcoSys at 484-620-5243 for a Return Authorization Number and please write the R.A.# on the outside of the shipping package.



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