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Our Products

Our Products

GAPS Organic Coco Coir/Peat, Premium Quality (Animal Bedding), 72 Quarts

$25.96 $29.96


GAPS Organic Coco Peat, Premium Quality (Animal Bedding), 72 Quarts


GAPS Coco Peat is used for small animal bedding.

Organic coco product

Less odor and less dust

Safe and great bedding

Premium quality

Retain humidity

No mold & Mildew


Advantages :


• Organic

• No chemicals

• Environmental safe

• Biodegradable

• Easy to use


How to use: Place the GAPS coco block into a container and add warm water ~2-3 gallons. The blocks will expand and mix it with hand. Please make sure about your water:peat ratio based on your requirements.



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